Helping students for more than 10 years…

Welcome! Enriched Learning has been helping students reach their potential for over 10 years. We are surrounded by public and private schools, including those who cater for gifted students in opportunity classes.

Our Students:
  • come from both private and public-school backgrounds
  • are taught by qualified teachers
  • shoulder the weight of the world (or at least Australia) by regularly being pressured to perform well in National (NAPLAN) and international tests (PISA) before other pressures to reach Opportunity and Selective class expectations.
  • need to feel they are being encouraged to reach their own, individual potential and that they are successful in their learning.
  • shouldn’t be held back because there just aren’t enough resources for a gifted class of three students, so they ‘help’ the teacher to teach everyone else. OR they ‘just miss out’ in one-of testing.
  • shouldn’t be pushed forward because they need to learn to ‘keep up’.
  • feel successful when a lightbulb moment happens and that happens regularly right here at our Enriched Learning Studio because students are not competing with others for the teacher’s attention and they don’t have to move to the next topic (or stay in a topic they’ve mastered) because the curriculum is driving the teacher’s program.
Lessons with an Enriched Learning tutor are highly sought
  • the tutors are carefully selected qualified teachers
  • students don’t leave once they realise how much fun learning can be.
  • We have students who stay for years.
  • They never get bored.
  • We keep adjusting the programs to suit the student’s growth.
  • Parents choose us.
  • Despite not using computer-supervision, ‘hot-housing’ or teaching-to-the-test our students improve double the expectations for their age.
We tailor the Australian Curriculum to the student’s needs;

Students realise they are growing and reaching their potential, passing tests along the way.

  • They qualify for the extended maths group,
  • improve their spelling,
  • understand grammatical terms,
  • engage in creative writing and
  • understand more problem solving methods in mathematics.
  • We make the links,
  • foster a growth mindset and
  • encourage their individual creativity.
Call now for the individual attention your child deserves.

Why study with us?

Personalised Teaching

The unique insight we gather during our learning assessment process allows us to create an individual learning plan, just for your child.

Individual Learning plans

Enriched Learning provides evidence-based literacy and numeracy programs that help develop basic skills. These include phonics, expressive writing and computation through….

Opportunity Classes and Selective Schools Testing

Enriched Learning provides fully qualified and experienced teachers to work one-on-one with your child. These dedicated professionals use one-on-one instruction to implement our tailor-made learning programs.


What Students Say

Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail to determine their progression.

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail to determine their progression.