Are ‘learning styles’ just educational jargon or will they help you understand your child?
Are ‘learning styles’ just educational jargon or will they help you understand your child? May 4, 2021

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Learning Styles – outdated concept or useful knowledge?

This 2016 summary of Melbourne Graduate School research evidence, in the Australasian school’s context, says it is more likely unhelpful knowledge.

While this Pennsylvanian website (2020) where we found our online 20-question questionnaire suggests that knowing your learning style helps you “…find out the way … you understand information and solve problems.”

You have been sent a summary of your child’s results (attached). Does it reflect what you already know about them? Do the strategies they suggest make sense and help you understand how your child can study more effectively? I believe this information is only helpful when combined with strategies and you must be flexible to the fact that your learning style may in fact be different for different subject areas, as the Melbourne research reveals.

Some of our student’s comments were;

– Yes! I can learn something from a YouTube video but if Dad says “just do this…” I can’t…

– I’m not sure if I prefer picture books as it depends on the topic…  

– What if I can’t pick any of their suggestions? – I wouldn’t do any of those things to relax…  

– Gym? Is that games or going to a gym workout? 

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PARENTING VLOG: Soon we will be releasing a series of short vlogs aimed to provide strategies and tips for parenting students with different learning needs; whether they have a Specific Learning Disability (dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD etc) and/or gifted abilities. I will be referencing research and expert opinions to help you feel more ‘educated’ in how to help your child/ren reach their potential. It’s so hard to have a career, be a parent and, after last year’s lock-down, be aware of their educational needs too! Watch this space for your free subscription to our vlog before we include a fee for others

Thank-you for your continuing support of your children’s enriched potential, 

Veronica Schwedes 

Managing Director 

(GCEd. (Gifted Education); BEd. Education)