Enriched Learning Australia provides:

  • Tailored one-to-one tuition by qualified (bachelor degree) teacher;
  • For struggling, average, advanced and/or gifted students;
  • Help with low motivation, underachievement, fixed mindset, undiagnosed learning inhibitors, disengagement and test anxiety;
  • For students who need hands-on, non-technology approaches, self-correcting strategies, encouragement and challenges;
  • Enrichment which leads to confidence, resilience and success!!
What we do
  • Run one-to-one, one hour, lessons weekly for nine weeks a term;
  • Provide in-depth reports every two terms of attendance;
  • Supply detailed achievement assessment reports for school applications and psychologists;
  • Teach lessons on topics relevant to Australian Curriculum in the domains of English and Mathematics;
  • Utilises a vertical curriculum, which means students progress is encouraged beyond expectation for their age/grade;
  • Allow flexibility within the individual programs to adjust where school reports highlight areas of need;
  • Provide continuity of teaching by assigning a teacher who stays with the student regardless of change of ability;
  • Employ only qualified teachers who have taught or are teaching in the Australian schooling system.
  • Provide all learning materials including a fully stocked ‘classroom’ which we call the learning studio, where manipulatives for maths activities, educational games and a variety of subjects, books, and displays are present all year.
  • Value student work by presenting them with a story book of their stories annually.
  • Provide a homework plan to encourage students to take responsibility for their learning, time-manage in preparation for secondary school, and ‘exercise’ their brain daily.
  • Provide a variety of problem-solving strategies and diverse problem formats to prepare students for the diversity of test questions they will come across.

Veronica Schwedes

Managing Director/Program Coordinator

Subjects: English (K-Yr10); Maths (K-Yr6)

Qualifications: Graduation Certificate of Education (Gifted Education);Bachelor of Education (Primary);SPELD (Specific Learning Difficulties Association for NSW) Teachers’ Certificate (2019)

Experience: Private and public sectors of Education in Victoria and NSW.

History/Geography and English Teacher to year10. NAPLAN supervisor.

GERRIC holiday program for gifted students, volunteer assistant teacher.